Monday, April 5, 2010

Johor State First Aid & Home Nursing Competition 2010

St. John Ambulans Malaysia Negeri Johor is going to held a State Level First Aid & Home Nursing competition for all SJAM Kawasan in Johor State, this yearly competition provides a very good platform for the members to gather together to perform and sharing their skills and knowledge among each other. This year the competition will be held at Yong Peng on 25 April 2010, the winning teams will represent SJAM Negeri Johor to participate the National First Aid & Home Nursing Competition later.

St. John Ambulance Malaysia Kawasan Kluang also send out 2 teams to participate in this yearly event, both teams members are coming from SJAM Kluang Chong Hwa High School Cadet Division , one is Cadet Ambulance and another one is Cadet Nursing, they will represent Kluang Area to participate in First Aid and Home Nursing Competition as well as Drill.

Let us give our teams a very best moral support and hope them will be able to fight for themselve a chance to represent Negeri Johor to the National Competition.
Public are most welcome to attend the competition.

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